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Frequently asked questions

How much does our counselling sevice cost ?
There is a £20 fee for the initial assessment carried out by our clinical manager, Tony Novissimo. The cost for ongoing sessions with one of our trainee therapists is on a sliding scale from £15 to £25 per session depending on income and individual circumstances. This will be discussed at your initial assessment.

We charge the full fee for any cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice, or for any non-attendance of an uncancelled session.

When can I start?
We normally arrange your initial assessment within a few days, and you can start working with one of our team soon after. There may be a short waiting list for our therapists from time to time, but this is not usually the case.

How long is a session?
Each session lasts 55 minutes.

When will I be expected to attend?
Appointments will generally be scheduled at the same time each week, at a time convenient to you.
We are open from 9am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays.

Where does it take place?
Sessions take place online, usually via Skype.

Who are our counsellors?
Our low cost, online service is staffed by insured trainee or recently qualified counsellors. All their is work closely monitored by our professional team of experienced in-house supervisors. We have male and female counsellors, and a choice of day, evening, and weekend appointments available.

Who can use the service?
The service is available to anyone who would struggle to afford a professional therpaist in private practice, and supports those in need who are low-paid, unwaged or receiving benefits. There is no means testing requirement to qualify for this service.

What happens when I contact the service?
When you contact us, we will arrange for an initial assessment to take place, which aims to explore why you are looking for therapy at this time, and what outcome you are hoping for by attending. You may have questions about our service, or the process of therapy, which can also be discussed during the session. After the initial assessment, you will then be matched with an appropriate counsellor who will contact you to make arrangements before starting your counselling sessions.


Was National Low Cost Counselling known by a different name in the past? 

National Low Cost Counselling used to be called Low Cost Counselling London, when we offered a local face-to-face service based in our Therapy Centre in Richmond. Our new name was adopted when we moved fully online, to better reflect our service as it is now available to clients across the United Kingdom.


National Low Cost Counselling (and Low Cost Counselling London before it) offers low cost counselling services as a valuable part of London Therapy Foundation, an organisation originally set up to offer a community and workspace for qualified and practising psychotherapists and counsellors.

To make an enquiry about our low cost counselling service, or to arrange and initial assessment, please call 07773 385165 or email


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